Radioing, Sometimes Myth 1983

Radioing, Sometimes Myth 1983, performance, cassette player, clapsticks, dur 3 mins.

Radioing, Sometimes Myth 1983

Description: Seated at a table, lit by a slide projector, an empty transparency frame. Cassette player on playing: Is e` an Aussie is e` Lissie?, by Flotsam and Jetsam circa 1930. The rhythm of the song is tapped out using clapsticks. The performance lasts the duration of the cassette track, light off.

Lyric sample:

…verses 4 & 5:

“Seems this digger likes my figure”
Lizzie then told Mary-Anne
“Likes my ways and claims to think-U’m what these Aussies call fair-dinkum”
“Throws a fond eye, talks of Bondi
And he’s tried to kiss me twice
When I said ‘No’ he said ‘Good-oh'”
Said Mary-Anne “How nice”

Is he an Aussie, Lizzie, is he?
Is he an Aussie, Lizzie, eh?
Is it because he is an Aussie that he keeps you busy Lizzie?
Has he jazzy ways and does he make you go all fuzzy wuzzy?
Got you dizzy, ‘as he Lizzie?
Is he an Aussie, Lizzie, eh?”

01 Is ‘e an Aussie, Is ‘e Lizzie4

music sample


ANZART in Hobart, curated by Liegh Hobba, 1983

25 Years of Performance Art, curated by Nick Waterlow, IDG Gallery Sydney 1995