Accident & Process 2012 – 2015

Many a slip…, from the series Accident & Process, 2012, archival digital print, dimensions 180 x 180 cm, ed 4, Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne.

  • 'Many a slip...' Accident and Process 2012, 180 x 180 cm, ed 4.
  • 'Document one - tree' Accident and Process 2012, 110 x 150 cm, ed 4
  • 'Document two - car' Accident and Process 2012, 120 x 160 cm, ed 4


Document one (tree), shows a constructed moment that began from an accident: In stormy weather a tree spilt and branches fell, neighbours spontaneously created the scene of a man trapped under a fallen tree.

Document two (car), shows an accident on a suburban street. This photograph was unplanned. This accident really happened.

Many a slip… , shows an accident in an art gallery: A drinks waiter with a tray of glasses stumbles. This image was constructed from many photographs.


Monash Gallery of Art